Sarah Turner Eco Art & Design

Olympic Lighting

Coca-Cola first noticed Sarah's work over a year before the Olympics. They decided that Sarah was the right person for the job to design and make the Lighting and Sculpture for their Hospitality Centre at the London 2012 Olympic Park. 

The lights really make a statement being 2 metres wide and are made using 190 plastic Coca-Cola bottles each.  There are 5 of the large lights in total, each is made up of rings of the plastic bottles and a globe in the middle. 

The globe is Sarah's Cola 30 design which are made from of course 30 Coca-Cola bottles hand cut and sculpted into decorative forms.  This was the design Coca-Cola first noticed and expressed interest in, after all it is made using their bottles and is named after them!  

Sarah says: " I really wanted to include my Cola 30 light, I thought the contrast between the whole plastic bottles and the transformation they go through with the Cola 30 was a fantastic thing to show".

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Making and installation at the Olympic Park

Sarah says: ”I wanted the lights to have an Olympic look to them which is why I chose the circular disks with rings of the plastic bottles, reminiscent of the Olympic rings.  I also liked the classic looking light bulbs, it reminded me of the infamous Coca-Cola Christmas truck.

Take a look at a video of the lighting and sculpture at the Coca-Cola Olympic Hospitality Centre.