Sarah Turner Eco Art & Design

Olympic Sculpture

Coca-Cola first noticed Sarah's work over a year before the Olympics. They decided that Sarah was the right person for the job to design and make the Lighting and Sculpture for their Hospitality Centre at the Olympic Park. 

The sculpture is a massive 9 metres tall and made from thousands of hand cut pieces of waste bottles and cans. These pieces are individually tied onto invisible wires in the form of a diver in three different stages of a high dive. When the breeze catches the wires the pieces spin and move adding life and energy to the sculpture. 

Sarah says: “Diving fascinates me, it's so precise and graceful yet quick and over in a moment. So I decided to capture this by freeze-framing the dive in it's different stages.”

This idea certainly works very well in the space. The diver dramatically jumps off the high board on the first floor, turns into a pike through the stairwell then the final stage is the diver entering the water.  This is a personal favourite of Sarah’s, just the legs are shown entering the water and a big splash is created.

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Making and installation at the Olympic Park:

Sarah says: “I think this adds a little humour to the piece as well as intrigue to the guests as they first enter the centre. They will just see the two legs sticking out of the water and will make them want to see the rest of the story.

Take a look at a video of the lighting and sculpture at the Coca-Cola Olympic Hospitality Centre.