Sarah Turner Eco Art & Design

Illuminated Tunnel

Sarah delivered workshops at 20 primary schools as part of this fantastic upcycling project.  Each school made an archway adorned with leaves and flowers illuminated with LED lights.  About 600 children took part in the workshops upcycling waste plastics they had collected such as plastic bottles and carrier bags. 

All 20 archways were then joined together in the centre of St Mary’s church to create an illuminated tunnel which visitors could walk through and admire. 

The light installation was created as part of Light Night Nottingham, 2018.  Around 5000 people came to see and walk through the tunnel.  After the event, each arch was taken back to the school that made it to display and enjoy every day. 

Sarah says, ‘This has to be one of my favourite workshop projects.  The children enjoyed making the arches so much and the tunnel looked truly spectacular on the night.  It was so lovely to see so many of the children and teachers visit the installation on the night and I hope they enjoy displaying their arches in their schools’

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Workshops at the schools: